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Announcement about the addition of web player SDK license authorization verification

Last updated: 2024-03-27 22:00:54
    Player SDK Web is set to release version 5.1.0 in April 2024. From this version onwards, the License authorization is required for access. If you do not need the newly added premium features, you can directly apply for the Basic Version License to continue using the Player SDK Web version for free. If you need the newly added premium features, you will need to purchase the Premium Version License. Details are as follows:
    Player SDK features
    Required License
    Authorization Unit
    Basic feature (original features)
    Web Player Basic Version License
    0 USD/year Apply for free
    Precise domain (1 License can be associated with up to 10 exact domains)
    Premium feature (newly added)
    Web Player Premium Version License
    99 USD/month Buy now
    Wildcard domain (1 License can authorize 1 wildcard domain)
    The Player Web Basic Version License can be applied for free, with a default validity period of 1 year. Within 30 days of the validity period ending, it can be renewed for free.

    License Overview

    The usage methods of the Web Player License are as follows:
    1. Purchase License
    If you need to use the basic features, you can go to the console to apply for the Player Web Basic Version License for free. If you need to use the new premium features, you need to purchase the Player Web Premium Version License.
    2. Bind License
    You need to affinity the License you purchased with the precise domain name/wildcard domain you wish to use for that feature. Only the corresponding domain will receive authorization, for operation guidance refer to Free Trial.
    3. Configure License
    After the License is bound, you will get the authorization credentials License URL and License Key in the console. You need to enter the corresponding information during the SDK integration process. Please keep them safe.

    Premium Features Description

    The Player Web SDK premium features are as follows. If you need them, you can purchase the Premium Version License. If not, you can go to the console to apply for a free Basic Version License to use the basic features (existing version features).
    Premium features
    Panoramic VR video
    Supports playback of panoramic VR video sources. Mobile devices allow finger dragging or gyroscope operations to peek at panoramic video content, while PC devices support dragging with a mouse to animate and peek at the interface
    Web security plugins
    Checks whether the web playback environment and status are normal, and interrupts video playback under abnormal conditions to protect video security. The plugin includes MSE environment detection, security architecture checks, and interface response integrity verification.
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