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Release Notes(Flutter)

Last updated: 2023-07-13 14:38:12

    Player SDK Flutter version 11.3.0 @ 2023.07.07

    Removed deprecated live time-shifting interface.
    Fixed known issues.

    Player SDK for Flutter V11.2.0 @ 2023.06.05

    Minimum requirement version for Flutter development environment has been raised.
    Fixed known issues.

    Player SDK for Flutter V11.1.1 @ 2023.05.08

    Removed unnecessary third-party dependencies.
    Fixed known issues.

    Player SDK for Flutter V11.1.0 @ 2023.04.10

    Refactored native bridging layer.
    Fixed known issues.

    Player SDK for Flutter V11.0.0 @ 2023.02.28

    Added offline download demo.
    Fixed known issues including sprite map disorder and failure to open picture-in-picture on iOS.

    Player SDK for Flutter V10.9.0 @ 2023.01.03

    Fixed the issue of picture-in-picture not supporting playback of encrypted videos on Android.
    Fixed the issue of automatic playback after returning to the application interface from the background when live streaming or VOD is paused.
    Optimized log output for easier issue tracking.

    Player SDK for Flutter V10.8.0 @ 2022.10.20

    Adjusted the picture-in-picture interaction of the player component, supporting returning to the previous page after enabling picture-in-picture.

    Player SDK for Flutter V10.7.0 @ 2022.09.20

    Changed the startPlay interface for VOD playback to startVodPlay.
    Changed the startPlay interface for live streaming playback to startLivePlay.
    Changed the playWithModel interface for the player component to playWithModelNeedLicence.

    Player SDK for Flutter V1.0.3 @ 2022.07.05

    Added picture-in-picture (PIP) function for Android and iOS.

    Player SDK for Flutter V1.0.2 @ 2022.06.24

    Added the SuperPlayer component with integrated UI solution.
    Improved the SDK interfaces for live streaming and VOD.
    Fixed the issue of playback failure when using fileId and psign.

    Player SDK for Flutter released on 2021.07.16

    Release Flutter Player SDK.
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