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Announcement about the addition of mobile player SDK premium features authorization verification

Last updated: 2024-03-27 22:00:54

    Change content

    Player SDK mobile (iOS & Android) will release version 11.8 in April 2024. This update adds a series of premium features on top of the existing features and authorization checks for multi-audio tracks and external subtitles, which can be used with a Premium Version License. The original Video Playback License is renamed as the Basic Version License. Impacts as below:
    If you need to use the new version of the SDK (Player SDK mobile version 11.8 and above) and require multi-audio tracks, external subtitles and the newly added premium features, you will need to purchase a Premium Version License for authorization.
    If you need to use the new version of the SDK but do not require multi-audio tracks, external subtitles and the newly added premium features, you will need to acquire authorization for the Basic Version License. You can sign in console for free application.
    If you do not require the new version of the SDK, you will not be affected by this change.
    Based on the above changes, the version and price of the mobile Player SDK are as follows:
    Mobile Player SDK feature
    Required License
    Authorization Unit
    Basic feature (original feature)
    Mobile Player Basic Version License (originally Video Playback License)
    0 USD/year Apply for free
    One license can authorize one iOS application bundle name (Bundle ID) and one Android application package name (Package Name)
    Premium feature (newly added)
    Mobile Player Premium Version License
    499 USD/month

    Premium Features

    Player features are currently divided into basic and premium features, using premium features requires purchasing the Mobile Player Premium Version License. The features and details are as follows:
    Required License
    Multi-audio tracks
    Supports playback of video files with multiple audio tracks, allowing for switching between tracks, such as from English to Chinese.
    Premium Version License
    Original premium features, added Premium Version License authorization verification.
    External subtitles
    Supports importing custom subtitle files; Web version supports WebVTT format, and mobile version supports VTT, SRT formats
    DASH protocol
    Supports DASH video playback with standard protocols
    Added premium features.
    QUIC-based acceleration
    Support for the Quic Transport Protocol, effectively improving video transmission efficiency
    Supports playback of videos encoded in AV1 format
    Advanced picture-in-picture component
    Compared to basic picture-in-picture, it adds support for encrypted video picture-in-picture, offline playback picture-in-picture, and the "instant switch" effect.
    Commercial-grade DRM
    Provides native encryption solutions like Apple FairPlay and Google Widevine
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