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Data Processing And Security Agreement

Last updated: 2022-05-20 15:48:42


    This Module applies if you use the Video On Demand feature (“Feature”). This Module is incorporated into the Data Processing and Security Agreement located at DPSA. Terms used but not defined in this Module shall have the meaning given to them in the DPSA. In the event of any conflict between the DPSA and this Module, this Module shall apply to the extent of the inconsistency.


    We will process the following data in connection with the Feature:

    Personal Information Use
    Configuration Data: file ID, definition, name, FPS, width, height, colorspace, bitrate, create time, update time, media name, media size, media type, storage region, storage path, domain We only process this data for the purposes of providing the Feature to you and your end users, in accordance to your specific configuration.
    Please note that this data is stored and backed up in our TencentDB for MySQL feature.
    Media Files: Videos, images, audio files uploaded by you We only process this data for the purposes of providing the Feature to you, including for storage purposes.
    Please note that this data is uploaded by you and stored in our Cloud Object Storage (COS) feature, and is cached using our Content Delivery Network (CDN) feature.


    As specified in the DPSA.


    As specified in the DPSA, including Aceville Pte Ltd.


    We will store personal data processed in connection with the Feature as follows:

    Personal Information Retention Policy
    Configuration DataMedia Files We retain the data for as long as your chosen data retention time limit. Otherwise, when you delete your account or terminate your use of the Feature, we will delete such data after 60 days.

    You can request deletion of such personal data in accordance with the DPSA.


    You must ensure that this Feature is only used by end users who are of at least the minimum age at which an individual can consent to the processing of their personal data or that parental consent is obtained for individuals under the minimum age. This may be different depending on the jurisdiction in which an end user is located.

    You represent, warrant and undertake that you shall obtain and maintain all necessary consents from End Users in respect of the processing of their personal data in respect of the Feature, in accordance with applicable laws and so as to enable us to comply with applicable laws.

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