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Downloading Logs

Last updated: 2022-02-22 12:05:08

    You can download a CDN access log for the last 30 days, which contains the details of every request made to VOD. Logs are recorded hourly.

    Downloading Logs

    1. Log in to the VOD console and click Download Log > CDN Log on the left sidebar.
    2. Select a time range and domain name to get the download link.

    • If a domain receives no requests in a day, no logs will be generated, and no data will be displayed.
    • By default, CDN access is logged on an hourly basis. That means 24 log files will be generated at most for a day. No log file will be generated for an hour during which there are no requests.
    • CDN logs may have a delay of about 30 minutes.

    Log Fields

    Decompress the package downloaded and open the log files with Notepad. Different fields are separated by space. Below is part of a log file.

    Sequence Field Meaning
    1 Request time
    2 IP address of the client accessing the domain
    3 Accessed domain name
    4 File request path
    5 Number of bytes of this access request
    6 Province. For more information, see province mapping below.
    7 ISP. For more information, see ISP mapping below.
    8 HTTP status code
    9 Referer information
    10 Response time in milliseconds
    11 User-Agent information
    12 Range parameter
    13 HTTP method
    14 Protocol identifier
    15 Cache hit/miss
    16 The port via which connection is established between the client and CDN node. If there isn’t such a port, the value of this field is -.

    • Province mapping
      22: Beijing; 86: Inner Mongolia; 146: Shanxi; 1069: Hebei; 1177: Tianjin; 119: Ningxia; 152: Shaanxi; 1208: Gansu; 1467: Qinghai; 1468: Xinjiang; 145: Heilongjiang; 1445: Jilin; 1464: Liaoning; 2: Fujian; 120: Jiangsu; 121: Anhui; 122: Shandong; 1050: Shanghai; 1442: Zhejiang; 182: Henan; 1135: Hubei; 1465: Jiangxi; 1466: Hunan; 118: Guizhou; 153: Yunnan; 1051: Chongqing; 1068: Sichuan; 1155: Tibet; 4: Guangdong; 173: Guangxi; 1441: Hainan; 0: Other; 1: Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan; -1: outside China
    • ISP mapping
      2: China Telecom; 26: China Unicom; 38: CERNET; 43: Great Wall Broadband Network; 1046: China Mobile; 3947: China Mobile Tietong; -1: ISPs outside the Chinese mainland; 0: Other ISPs

    Bandwidth or traffic consumption in logs is based on data returned at the application layer (HTTP protocol) and may be lower than that calculated at the TCP layer due to factors including TCP packet loss, three-way handshake, and retransmission.

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