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Service Overview

Last updated: 2021-10-21 16:28:11

    Log in to the VOD console and the "Service Overview" page will be displayed by default. You can view the current usage of the VOD service, including billing, resource usage, and key data.


    The billing section displays the billing mode under the current Tencent Cloud account.

    Item Description
    Current billing mode Daily billing: for more information, please see Pay-as-You-Go (Postpaid Daily Billing Cycle)
    Monthly billing: please contact your Tencent Cloud rep for billing details
    Billable bandwidth of current month (monthly billing) Billable bandwidth of the current month for the current account.

    Resource Usage

    The resource usage section displays VOD resource usage information in the current month, including total used storage, total transcoding duration for this month, total traffic used for this month, and total audit duration for this month.

    Item Description Unit
    Total used storage Total storage capacity used by your files in the VOD console MB
    Total transcoding duration for this month Total duration of the transcoding service used in the VOD console month to date Seconds
    Total traffic used for this month Total amount of traffic consumed by the acceleration service used in the VOD console month to date B
    Total audit duration for this month Total duration of the audit service used in the VOD console month to date Minutes

    The above metrics are automatically refreshed daily.

    Key Data

    The key data section displays the storage capacity, transcoding duration, traffic used, bandwidth used, and intelligent recognition duration in the past week as well as the weekly trend.

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