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Service Overview

Last updated: 2023-08-18 09:59:44
    Log in to the VOD console and the "Service Overview" page will be displayed by default. You can view the current usage of the VOD service, including data overview, product usage guide and billing status.

    Data overview

    The data overview shows the resource usage information of the video on demand service in the current month, including the current total storage space, the total transcoding time of this month, the total traffic volume of this month, the total standard retrieval amount of this month, and the total moderation time of this month.
    Display item
    Total current storage space
    The total size of the storage capacity used by you in the video on demand console on the current day. (There may be discrepancies with the billing storage, please calculate the cost according to the bill details.)
    Total transcoding time this month
    The total duration of transcoding services (General transcoding, TSC transcoding, Adaptive bitrate streaming, and video editing) you used in the video on demand console in the current month.
    Total traffic this month
    The total traffic of the acceleration service you use in the video on demand console in the current month.
    The total amount retrieved by standard this month
    The total amount of storage you used for standard data retrieval in the video on demand console in the current month.
    Total video review time this month
    The total duration of the video review service you used in the video on demand console in the current month.
    The above indicator data is automatically refreshed on a daily basis.
    If the sub-account needs to view the console data overview, the main account needs to authorize the sub-account TCOP access permission policy.

    Product Guidelines

    The user guide for video on demand products includes instructions for using functions such as media intelligent management, media processing, media AI, media encryption and copyright protection, media distribution and playback, and live on-demand conversion.


    The billing status shows the billing method of the current cloud VOD account. When the billing method is daily settlement billing, the fees incurred on the previous day are settled from 12:00-18:00 every day; when the billing method is monthly settlement billing, the previous Billing will be made for monthly charges.
    Current billing mode
    Daily billing: for more information, please seePay-as-You-Go (Postpaid Daily Billing Cycle)
    Monthly billing: please contact your Tencent Cloud rep for billing details
    Billable bandwidth of current month (monthly billing)
    Billable bandwidth of the current month for the current account.

    Resource Pack Status

    The resource pack status shows the total number of resource packs in the current cloud on-demand account 7 days before the expiration date, as well as the usage progress of each resource pack.
    Account usage is preferentially deducted from resource packs. For more details, see Resource Packs.

    Common problem

    Frequently Asked Questions mainly displays frequently asked questions and answers about billing and data related by current users. You can click to view more and learn about other types of frequently asked questions.
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