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Smart Bitrate Reduction

Last updated: 2023-04-20 11:57:54


    VOD's Top Speed Codec (TSC) feature can achieve high video quality at lower bitrates and help you reduce your traffic and storage costs. However, TSC transcoding fees are higher than general transcoding fees. This raises the question of how the TSC technology can be used to maximize your net cost savings (the reduction in traffic and storage costs minus the increase in transcoding costs).
    With VOD's smart bitrate reduction feature, you can configure policies to automatically perform TSC transcoding on frequently played files. The general transcoding outputs of the files will be replaced with the low-bitrate files that are generated, while the playback URL remains unchanged, increasing your net cost savings.
    Smart bitrate reduction works on a file ID level. If a media file meets the conditions of a bitrate reduction policy, the policy will be applied to all its transcoding and adaptive bitrate outputs in HLS format (which have the same file ID).
    Smart bitrate reduction (TSC transcoding) does not work on files whose bitrates have already been reduced.
    Bitrate reduction policies are not applied to transcoding and adaptive bitrate outputs generated before September 19, 2022.

    Use Cases

    UGSV platforms
    Short video platforms manage a huge number of videos which differ greatly in terms of popularity. VOD's bitrate reduction feature can automatically reduce the bitrate of popular videos without compromising their quality, helping you save traffic and storage costs.
    Live streaming platforms
    Live streaming platforms record a large number of streaming sessions, often at high resolutions, and replaying them may consume a lot of traffic. VOD's smart bitrate reduction feature can be used to automatically lower the bitrate of popular hosts' videos and reduce traffic and storage costs.
    Online education platforms
    The teaching courses provided by online education platforms vary in popularity. To save traffic and storage costs, you can use VOD's smart bitrate reduction feature to reduce the bitrate of popular courses without compromising their video quality.


    For detailed directions on how to use this feature, see the following document:
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