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Time Shifting

Last updated: 2022-09-02 15:47:00


    Combining the time shifting feature of CSS and the delivery acceleration capability of VOD, time shifting for live stream playback allows users to rewind and play back earlier parts of a live stream. This is commonly used to play back highlights during live streamed sports events. Users can drag the progress bar to view earlier parts of a live stream, and they can also switch back to continue viewing the currently ongoing live stream.

    Use cases

    Scenario Description
    Live streamed classes For live streamed education or training content, the time shifting feature allows viewers to return to earlier parts of the stream and rewatch the parts they are interested in.
    This greatly improves their study efficiency, and they can return to the current streaming time at any time.
    Game/Sports live streaming Viewers may want to rewatch exciting battles or goals scored during a live streamed game or sports match. In this case, they can use the time shifting feature configured with an hourly shifting granularity.
    Ecommerce live streaming When an ecommerce live streaming event is ongoing, new viewers entering the live room may see on-screen comments about a previous product and want to see the product information from earlier.
    Time shifting allows viewers to drag the progress bar to an earlier point to view previously shown products and then switch back to the current live stream whenever they want to.
    TV series live streaming A TV series is generally long, and when a TV series is live streamed, new viewers may miss the earlier episodes that have already played. You can configure a long time shifting duration to allow users to return to earlier parts of the stream and watch the episodes they missed.


    For more information, see Live Streaming Time Shifting.

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