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Media Quality Inspection

Last updated: 2024-01-19 16:17:29


    Media quality inpection, based on advanced AI algorithms, detects the quality of image frames and audio quality in audio and video, and provides an overall quality detection score, covering various detection types such as video image shaking, ghosting, blur, low light, overexposure, glitch, and audio abnormalities. According to the detection results, users can quickly locate audio and video quality problems, carry out targeted audio-visual quality restoration and enhancement, and improve the efficiency of media quality restoration.
    Inspection Items
    Video image shaking, ghosting
    Detects problems such as shaking and ghosting in video images caused by unstable camera setup and environment during video shooting.
    Video image blur
    Detects blur problems caused by shooting conditions, or multiple transcoding or compression of the video.
    Video image low light, overexposure
    Detects problems of insufficient brightness and contrast in images shot in certain scenarios due to environmental conditions and hardware limitations of the shooting camera, resulting in dark images or overexposed images.
    Video image glitch
    Detects glitch problems in video images caused by some unknown factors during shooting, saving, and transferring.
    Video image black and white edges
    Detects black edges, white edges, black screens, and white screens in video images caused by some unknown factors during shooting, saving, and transferring.
    Video image noise
    Detects random noise introduced by the camera and environment during video shooting.
    Video image mosaic
    Detects mosaic in video images.
    Video image QR code
    Detects QR codes in video images, including barcodes, Mini Program codes, etc.
    Video image quality evaluation
    The user sets a video image quality score threshold, and the system provides a no-reference quality score for the video segment through comprehensive evaluation and analysis. The results of video segments with scores below this threshold will be fed back to the user.
    Detects problems such as mutes, low audio, and loud audio in the audio.

    Use Case

    Media Quality Inspection is suitable for business scenarios such as UGC video quality testing, old film refurbishment, and 4K production.
    Use Case
    The quality of short videos uploaded by UGC platforms (such as social short videos) varies. The platform can quickly detect video quality problems in batches through audio and video quality detection capabilities, and perform targeted image quality repairs and enhancements to increase video click-through rates.
    The platform can determine the recommendation exposure rate based on the video quality, giving priority to high-quality videos, thereby encouraging creators to share high-quality videos and improving the quality of the platform's videos; in addition, in order to improve the quality of videos uploaded by users, the platform can After uploading the video, the audio and video quality is checked. For low-quality videos, the low-quality content in the video can be banned or prompted to guide and encourage users to re-upload higher-quality videos.
    Live broadcast platform
    For high-value live broadcast content, operators usually consider re-editing after recording, processing and then distributing it again as a live broadcast. Through the sound and image quality detection capabilities, we can find out the poor quality live broadcast recording material clips, eliminate them or perform image quality repair and enhancement to improve the quality of the distributed live broadcast recording content, attract more attention, and bring more revenue.
    Renovation of old movies
    Some old films are limited by the shooting technology at the time, and may have a large amount of jittery ghosting, low-light overexposure, noise, etc., resulting in poor image quality. Utilize the ability to detect sound and picture quality, and renovate old films based on the test results to improve the picture quality and give old films a "new life."

    How to Use

    Development Guide

    1. To initiate an media quality inspection task, you need to use an media quality inspection template. For details on the template management interface, see CreateQualityInspectTemplate.
    2. Initiate the media quality inspection task. For details, see Initiate media quality inspection task.
    3. Obtain the results of the media quality inspection task. For details, see DescribeTaskDetailand PullEvents.

    Billing Details

    To learn about how the Media Quality Inspection feature is billed, see Media Quality Inspection.
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