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Submitting FairPlay Certificate Information to VOD

Last updated: 2022-08-31 17:54:01

    This document shows you how to submit the following FairPlay certificate information to the VOD console:

    • FairPlay Streaming (FPS) certificate (format: CER)
    • Private key file (format: PEM)
    • Private key password
    • Application secret key (ASK)

    If you don’t have a FairPlay certificate yet, refer to Obtaining FairPlay Certificate Information to obtain the information.


    1. Log in to the VOD console.

    2. Select Media Processing > DRM Configuration on the left sidebar and click Edit.

    3. Upload the certificate file (fairplay.cer) and private key file (privatekey.pem) and enter the private key password and ASK.


    4. Click Save. You will see your certificate information.



    You have now submitted your FairPlay certificate information to the VOD console.

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